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Thanks for visiting my site. I'm a classical guitarist, composer, writer and teacher. As a classical guitarist, I perform in solo, chamber and orchestral settings; I compose works for various instruments and ensembles and music for film and other media (installations, dance etc..).

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Anderson-Fader Duo: Le Cirque

Asphodel Meadow for 3 Wurlitzers

Wurlitzer*3+Superhall+Mutron bi-phase=pure bliss for the initiated.

Meudon Woods

A piece for kalimba and plucked autoharp. The kalimba is handmade, all rosewood with a one-of-a-kind tone.

Troy Town

this is a piece based off an older project called The Universe Oven... completely remixed with added recitations from a novel by Arthur Machen.

The Canning Wonder

Here's a little electro piece, using some string machine, Hofner violin bass, electric piano. Title snatched from an old Machen book sitting on my shelf. Be sure to crank this one.

The Ice Flood

This is an electronic(a) piece that uses various techiniques like Euclicean Rhythms and Cellular Automata. Some of the piece was generated with Otomata.

Ab Nou Cor: Music of Frank Brickle

Asphodel Rain

A short piano solo with some African drum, and rain sounds.

Secret Love

A recording of Toru Takemitsu's arrangement.

Pendui, a work for Cimbalom and various other instruments.

Music composed for the installation "Exterior Sounds" at AVA,