Ain't That Yr Soul

Tribute song for Lee Montagna.

Music & Lyrics: Marc Wolf
Produced By: Paul Provenzano, Mark Provenzano, Jeff Conciatori & Marc Wolf


Marc Wolf: Guild 12 String Acoustic, Hofner Electric Bass, Vocals, Ludwig Vistalite Drums, Hohner Pianet, Percussion (maracas, triangle).

Jeff Conciatori: Electric Guitar

Thanks to everyone who helped out!

Ain’t That Your Soul

Once in a past
there was a glass
of youth

memories of days
sun & snow & rain
and laughs alright

like seeing yourself
walking alone on a path made of sand
and its all in the way you
let your light light linger on

Sunlight, shine through the pouring rain
Ain’t that your soul… (and it won’t stop pouring)
Somewhere, up in the skies ahead
Ain’t that your soul.. (and it won’t stop calling)

Walking around
streets of a town
and hills of dreams

Wander through a maze
frozen in a daze
that stopped all time

Like seeing yourself
spinning a wheel that was once made of sand
and it’s all in the way that
your light lingers on