Thanks for visiting my site. I’m a classical guitarist, composer, song writer, producer, and sometimes writer.

As a classical guitarist, I perform in solo, chamber and orchestral settings, as well as record a lot.

As a composer, I create works for various instruments and ensembles and music for film and other media (installations, dance etc..).

As a songwriter, I was in several bands and released various singles, EPs and albums (Werefrogs, Memphis Luxure and others). New songs are planned to be forthcoming on this site regularly.

As a sideman, I have worked with Tower Recordings, Mice Parade, MV &EE, and others, playing guitars, keyboards, bass, drums, autoharp, banjo and lute.

As a writer, I have been published in the independent journal ‘The Sound Collector’, and at the online multimedia publication Scribemedia. Some of the articles I have written can be viewed in the Articles section.

As a producer, I work on a lot of different styles of music, classical to electronic, rock, prog an folk influenced.

I co-manage, record and produce for the furious artisans classical record label, and also work for New Focus Recordings.