Harry Partch: America's first Microtonal Composer

Endnotes, Discography & Bibliography

Note about ownership in a comment recived from Danlee Mitchell:

“I did not gift Partch’s instruments to Dean Drummond for his personal ownership. While they were in Dean’s possession his “possession” was one of Indefinite Loan (with my permission as legal owner), and not one of permanent ownership on Dean’s part.” – Danlee Mitchell


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The Harry Partch Collection

Volume 1 (CRI CD 751)

Eleven Intrusions; Plectra and Percussion Dances (Castor & Pollux; Ring Around the Moon; Even Wild Horses); Ulysses at the Edge

Volume 2 (CRI CD 752)

San Francisco; U.S. Highball; The Letter; Barstow; And on the Seventh Day Petals Fell in Petaluma

Volume 3 (CRI CD 753)

Water! Water!; Windsong; The Dreamer that Remains; Rotate the Body in all its Planes

Volume 4 CRI CD 754

The Bewitched, A Dance Satire

Revelation in the Courthouse Park (1960) (TOMATO 2696552 (2 CD) [DDD])

for 16 solo voices, 4 speakers & large instrumental ensemble

[text after Euphrides’ BACCHAE]

Yankee Doodle Fantasy for Soprano, Flexotone, Synthesizer, Tin Flute & Oboe (1941) Newport Classic NPD 85526 [DDD]

Harry Partch: Delusion of the Fury, A Ritual of Dream and Delusion Columbia Masterworks M2 30576

ENCLOSURE TWO: HARRY PARTCH 4-CD collection of archival recordings, including works from the 30’s and 40’s, a lecture on just intonation, a performance of excerpts from his 1935 hobo journal Bitter Music, and a sound documentary featuring Partch and reminiscences by his friends. innova 401 (4 CD) [AAD]

ENCLOSURE ONE: Four Historic Art Films by Madeline Tourtelot with music by Harry Partch. Innova 400 (VHS Video)
Newband play Partch, Cage, La Barbara, and Drummond. Mode Records ; Mode18
Newband play Partch, Monk, Rosenblum… Mode; Mode 33
Just West Coast. Microtonal Music for Guitar and Harp. Bridge; BCD9041
Harry Partch: 17 Lyrics of Li-Po, Tzadik TZ 7012


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  1. Harry Partch: America's first Microtonal Composer
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